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Handphone and Smartphone


Handphone is not a secondary item in human live anymore. Count how many of your friends that don’t have handphone (scale from 1 – 10 ). For sure at least 9 from 10 of your friends have handphone or even

7 Rumurs On iPhone 5 New Features

iphone 5 white and black

There are some rumors and predictions about iPhone 5 around us in this current time. About how its looks like, is there a white color one, what are the iPhone 5 new features that will introduced, when is the release

HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2 featured a brilliant screen, gorgeous design and build, but not the most practical or easy to use. Its huge 4.3in screen is nothing short of glorious, boasting vibrant colours and a high resolution of 480×800 – the

The IPAD- Apple Mac Tablet

apple mac tablet ipad

After more than a year of frenzied speculation, Apple finally unveiled its tablet computer in the form of the iPad. The company still had some surprises, most notably a starting price of just $499, which is cheaper than an unlocked

Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS

The best smartphone for this 2010 fall to iPhone 3GS due to super fast, brilliantly flexible and easy to use. The first big changes to the 3G iPhone version was the introduction of proper voice-guided satnav programs to the App

How to Choose Your Right Camcorder

sony dcr dvd handycam camcorder

When you shop for a camcorder, you’ll notice that each model falls into one of two categories : SD (Standard Definition) and HD ( High Definition). Beyond that, camcorders are further categorized by storage type, and the majority of them

iPad 2 Launched March 2011 in US and Other Countries

iPad2 in white black color

Apple has introduced iPad 2 last Wednesday 2nd of March 2011. Apple’s latest series tablet production that will go on sale in the United States on March 11 next Friday and in 26 other countries began March 25. Some of

Lenovo’s Skylight Smartbook

Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

Lenovo showed off its new Skylight smartbook during the CES Unveiled pre-show teaser event. First impression count for a lot, and it is the freshest looking product. It’s extremely thin, with funky rounded edges and a 10in 1,280 x 720

Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

microsoft ergonomic keyboard 4000

Twist your forearms, bend your wrists and stretch your fingers. Now hold them that way for a few hours.We’ll wait. If you spend hours every day doing something that requires un-natural motions, sooner or later your body will let you

Alienware M11x Smallest Gaming Laptop

Alienware M11x Smallest Gaming Laptop

Alienware has surprised the laptop world by releasing 11.6 inch gaming laptop, which it has dubbed the most powerful sub 12-inch gaming machine in the universe. Propping up the bottom of the Alienware laptop family, very little is currently known