What are Plastics BPA FREE

Plastics Recycling Number

I know that most of us want to know what are plastics that BPA Free. We want to make our self or peoples that we love save by using the plastic that have BPA Free.

But before that, what actually Bispheenol A (BPA))?
A1. BPA is an ingredient used to make plastics called polycarbonates. Polycarbonate is generally used in consumer products because it does no crack or shatter, can be cleaned with very hot water, sterilizes easily, does not absorb odor and is an extremely safe alternative to glass. Polycarbonate plastic is commonly found in general household products such as water bottles, food storage containers, and a variety of children’s toys.

Plastics Recycling Number

Plastics Recycling Number

I heard also there are Phthalates, what are Phthalates actually?
Phthalate are used to make plastic more flexible.

How about the triangle symbol that have number in the middle that usually have on plastics bottle or containers. What do the recyclable numbers (or resin coding numbers) means?

Thee majority off plastic packaging is made with one of six resins: polyethylene terephthalate (PETE); high density polyethylene (HDPE)); polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl); low density polyethylene (LDPE); polypropylene (PP); or polystyrene (PS The SPI resin identification code assigns each of these resins a number from 1 to 6.

The SPI coding system also includes a seventh code, identified as “”other.” This code indicates that a product is made with a resin other than the six listed above, or is made with a combination of resins. The SPI claims that the “other” code (number 7) was developed to address legislative demands in some states that all consumer packages fitting certain size and functional parameters feature a resin identification code.

So hopefully by this information, our eyes will be widely open when we want to use plastics products. For the sake of our health and the peoples that we love.

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