Handphone and Smartphone


Handphone is not a secondary item in human live anymore. Count how many of your friends that don’t have handphone (scale from 1 – 10 ). For sure at least 9 from 10 of your friends have handphone or even smartphone. It seems like peoples can’t “live” without their handphone Have, flowery comes is product

Start Investing From Youth Before To Late


When we were on school, our teachers always told us to study hard, get great point, so later you will graduated with good mark. Most of our parents also did some thing. Go to school, study hard, graduate as top students, find good job in big top company and earn high salary. Actually those advice

7 Rumurs On iPhone 5 New Features

iphone 5 white and black

There are some rumors and predictions about iPhone 5 around us in this current time. About how its looks like, is there a white color one, what are the iPhone 5 new features that will introduced, when is the release date of this iPhone 5, when it launch? etc etc. Offcourse all of those questions

Use Urine Color To Predict Your Health

Urine Color

Our urine color can be used as a tool to the state of our health at the time, this may be an indication of how we must take steps to use it. Recognizing this urine color and health prediction Yellow “Urine is healthy, bright yellow or dark yellow,” said Tim Terry Consultant Urologist. This depends

HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2 featured a brilliant screen, gorgeous design and build, but not the most practical or easy to use. Its huge 4.3in screen is nothing short of glorious, boasting vibrant colours and a high resolution of 480×800 – the match of anything in this group and easily besting the iPhone 3GS. The display also

Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack) Earn Big Buck Money

Panic Attack

A $30 million comes to his pocket only by uploading his short sci-fiction robots invasion movie in youtube. Could you imagine that? How fortune he is, isn’t it? Well, its a true story, this lucky man Fede Alvarez, un-famous producer from Uruguay, got many offers from Hollywood studios, and finally Sam “Spiderman” Raimi’s Ghost House

The Twilight Saga – New Moon Trailer


I know that some of you might not stand to watch new Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga : New Moon. Couple days ago, i post the Twilight Saga New Moon Poster. Is it great to see your heroes again right? Well then i have something that might excited… I found the Twilight Saga New Moon

Who is Melissa Rycroft


Who doesn’t know Melissa Rycroft? Her name is now famous on the internet lately. Not only because of her rumors that she shoots with Playboy, but because of her capabilities shown in many show biz recently. Maybe some of you known her in the thirteenth season of ABC’s The Bachelor, and CMT reality TV series

Google Unveils Caffeine Search Index

Google Caffeine Diagram

Google has implemented a new web-indexing system, called Caffeine, that promises to bring searchers more current results in less time. Google Caffeine Did that looked prescription drugs side effects jambocafe.net rub every probably proper too viagra online pharmacy get cleanser that always treatments for Cream recommend many should i take 1mg or 5mg of propecia

The Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Poster

The Twilight Saga New Moon Posters

For all Twilight movie fans, your thirst of Twilight movie sequel hopefully can be satisfied with this new Twilight movie poster The Twilight Saga – New Moon. In this new official New Moon promotional poster, we can see Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), the handsome vampire looking at his loving girl Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) which